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Negotiation Skills for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Negotiation is a "must have" business skill. Join this important two-session webinar and discover the Keys to becoming a more successful negotiator while building better business relationships. You will learn the academic and practical principles of negotiation, discover the techniques that generate greater success, and witness a Harvard role-play negotiation. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice learned skills at home/work.

Everyone who is serious about their success should sign-up now to attend this limited event.

Session One includes the following topics:

- Importance of Understanding "Value"

- Negotiation Leverage and Strategy

- Know your BATNA (Best Alternative To No Agreement)

- Focus on Interests, Not Positions

- Sally Soprano Role-Play Assignment

Presenter: This interactive workshop is taught by Jack Tumminello, a longtime SCORE presenter and retired entrepreneur and CEO who honed his skills negotiating agreements with investors, business partners, suppliers and Fortune 500 clients.



Link to required online free registration: here